Beginning in 2019, Donald Trump officially took office, became the 45th president of the United States. 

New leader have made strong method in the declared policies new immigration, influence strongly the policies on granting visas to citizens of countries in the world want to enter the US .

Let’s find out the latest changes in US visa for Vietnam from 2017.

1. Tighten the approval of US visa requirements 

New decree issued in May 2/2017 Donald Trump’s focus on immigration levels for 07 citizens of Middle Eastern countries including Libya, Iran , Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. Thus this ordinance does not affect citizens of other countries in the world, but are invisible making procedures of entry visa into the country becomes ever more arid. 

Tightening control in US visa policy is expressed right from the approval of the US visa application to check the truthfulness of the information provided.

2. Experience US visa – US visa Checklist Standard 

Profile ID: 

  • Valid passport valid for at least 06 months from the day will leave the United States and must remain at least 01 blank pages. 
  • Old passport (if any). 
  • 1 picture size 5x5cm, taken within 06 months. 
  • Household, people’s identity card, marriage registration certificate (if any) 
  • Receipt of payment processing visa applications DS 160. 
  • Confirmation of submitted application forms DS-160 nonimmigrant visa (with bar codes ). 
  • Interview appointment letter from the Embassy / Consulate of the United States. 

Work Profile: 

If an employee: 

  • Labor contract / decision on appointment / recruitment decision. 
  • Payroll of 03 months. 

If a business owner:

  • Business confirmation letter. 
  • Receipt tax payment 03 months. 

If you are retired: 

  • Ownership. 
  • Stock drawing pensions. 

Proven financial records: 

  • Passbooks, statement of bank account balances. 
  • Documents certifying ownership of houses, land, cars (the property has great value). 

Trip Profile: 

With a tourist visa: 

  • application for leave to travel. 
  • Travelling schedule. 

With the work visa: 

  • Invitation to the work of partners in the US. 
  • Decision sent to work in Vietnam company. 
  • This is the basic papers in a US visa. Depending on your situation, you will have to prepare the necessary documents required by the Embassy.